Friday, November 19, 2010

A short message for you~

Dear YangYang,

I am not sure whether could you read this or not, but i hope you read it. People said time always goes without leaving a trace, but here come to ours 3years and 5 months anniversary, we have actually left down a lot of precious trace, a lot of sweet memories. All this memories will forever keep inside my heart, nothing can replace, just belong to us~

I feel so excited once i know you are going to complete your course soon and back to my side. I have been waiting for this moment badly. I always complain that we are far apart, cant really communicate and date like others couple, but i am actually understand we have no choice, so involuntarily. But indeed..i love you deeply..sorry if i have made you sad.

Thanks, my love. Everything you did is for my own good, i feel it. Hope ours love can last until forever and tough like stone. We can separate now..but two hearties will never be apart..I love you.

Happy 3Years5Months~


Hai everyone..!! Seem that my blog has been dead for quite a long time. Reason why?? Lazy and busy?? You believe? Lolx...

Since i resigned for my job on 7th October, i have been to China. It was a very enjoyable and memorable trip. I spent almost all the time with my love. I visited to a lot of places for example Hangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing. I did go to Expo Shanghai, it was a good learn. Hope to visit again if i have the chances..!
Photos have been uploaded to my facebook~hehe

Time is long holidays is going to end up with a full stop. Almost a year i have been stopped studying, i worked and travelled among the year. It was another experience in my life. As i said, we cant always live for study, we do have to enjoy the life, make yourself substantial and get more closer to the society. I am glad..i did that! I observed and learned a lot of things actually. I understand that every human will have their set of skills to treat people. I also observed that that are many types of people around us. Some are selfish, some are cruel, some are gentle or others?! Faces frighting with faces, you wont get a conclude. So please don't be so naive if you wish to alive in this world.

Today is the last day for me to completely charge..I will have my brand new life start by tomorrow. Orientation day..the day i have been waiting for so long, hope i can make myself suit in this new new environment and also hope i can get to know a gang of buddies. Yea..forget to introduce my new school. is Kuala Lumpur Infrastructure University College (KLIUC) which quite near from my house. I will take Bachelor of Business Administration among with 3 years. It is a new field for me but i am sure i can handle it well with my hearties..lolx...

Bless me yah~my friends!

Jia hard to make your dreams come true, Gambateh~

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Tired and Stress~

Well..i am supposing to go working today but i didn't. What's wrong with me? Am i lazy? Or do i have any others reason? Haih..i am not sure with it also. Maybe i am lazy plus plus with i am not feeling well this morning oh!
Sometimes i feel myself very irresponsible because keep taking leave recently. But what to do? I feel so tired and stress, and i need some rest to cool down my mind set. One of my colleague is going to resign soon on august, and she hopes me to learn everything within this the period but seriously i am new in this field and i need time to digest also. Don't even think i am superwomen since i know i am not. What can i do? When she keep pushing me up, i feel like hard for me to breath. Stress...please run away from me...please~
Next..i hope i can shout loudly..i want to tell her i am not a fast learner, can you please explain more if you want me to do something for you?? You just pass the thing you do until half, and how should i know what can i do the next? You always ask my to try it and ask you if i am not understand,but do you really teach me or lend your hands to help me if i am asking you? will just say "i am busying la, can you look out by yourself?"...!! Sorry..i want to tell you i can't..!
Why should i do all this in fact i am also a temporary worker? Why shouldn't you train up the other worker? I don't understand. i keep pushing myself to satisfy you guys and how many are you can satisfy me and understand my feeling? I am tired~
I need to repeat and repeat telling myself don't be to picky sometimes, but i feel that i can't do that. The jobs i am handling now is much much more than the others but my wages maybe is lower than them..!! It is the welfare i am supposing to get? Haih..i start feeling blur~

Lets forget all the bad thing and change another topic to share la. dear is coming back soon on 5th of august. Hooray..happy to hear that because i am damn missing him. I have been separated with him for few months already, don't know how much has he been changed le? Anyways..i will wait for the moments, i wan to go back to my happy and sweet sweet life..hehe! I want to create more sweet memories with him..!!
And now i hope to wish him have a early Happy Birthday! My boyfriend's birthday is on 21th July and this will be the first year we can't celebrate together. But never mind la, i believe your friends will celebrate with you and you can still enjoy your birthday like last year. Dear~ you are going to be 22 year old boy lo..must guai guai and love me more ya..hehe~Happy birthday to you and may all your dreams come true..i will bless you always..i love you~muacks!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Good Luck~My Friends

I believed all my friends that got offer from ipta are going to off today or maybe have been off the day before today. Anyways..hope everyone good luck and all the best in your wonderful future..hehe! Hope ours friendship will last forever..keep in touch ya!

And i am here still waiting for the news from appealing. How's a nervous feel am i having now?? I cant really describe from words..but i am praying, blessing myself..!! Truthly hope everything can go smoothly! I am well-prepared to start off my new uni life..So, please do give me luck..please..

Seriously..touch wood to say that if i fail to get the offer again, i will be very sad, but i do have another plan. Just maybe the plan is hard to achieve or i need more time to achieve. Haih..don't care about what, i will just pray, i want to study..desperate to study!

I hesitate to work, i hate working..!! What's the life i am having now?? Working working working without even a day for me to rest..tired~Isn't it money is so so so important for life?? Maybe i should say yes, because money can mostly let you get what you want except love from of parents..sibling..boyfriend or friends!

I am glad because i got the deep love from my dear and also my friends but i am yet still feeling vague for my future. I hope to study but don't have what to do?? I always heard some of my friend said that " as a child, our responsibility is to study hard for yourself and also for your parents ; and as a parents, their responsibility is to be rearer, raise up their children" ! No..i am not agree with this word because not every children are as lucky as you because we borned from different status's family. just have to study hard without facing any financial problem but i believe this will make you more unindependently.
We must be independent all the you agree??

Because of my home financial problem having recently..i feel that i am growing up. I can understand how hard do every parents earn is not easy to be a parents! promise, i swear i will work hard..i will try my best to earn as much money as i can for my tuition fee, i won't be your burden, okay? I love you~muacks...

To my dear:
Yang...i know recently you are busying with your exam and i feel guilty to disturb you also. But i will bless you and support you all the time, okay? Gambateh ya..always be confident to yourself..believe youself can always do the best ya..i love you~Thanks for your care and concern all the times, i will think positively and do my best also..don't worry la! Take care..muacks!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I am back~ long have i neglected this blog? I don't really remember also.
Haiz..what to do?? A lot of things happen recently, and mostly the bad things to me. much tears you want me to drop?
Yes..UPU result have released and i got nothing!!! What's a bad and sad news for me??
I am sad..I cried..! Sometimes i really feel that i am so so so useless, i made everyone that support me all the time disappointed! mom..sorry everyone!
What can i do the next? Yes..i am actually well prepared to accept this fact, but once i hear my friend talking about their on coming future local life, don't know why i am sad, disappointed!!
I hate myself..why i cant get what i want always??
God..why are you always joking with me? Anythings that i have done wrongly? Someone can tell me? Guide me?
Last night, i went for a gathering. I met all my form 6's friends, they are talking their preparation for uni life, some planning to have a body checkup, apply ptptn and etc..!!
And me? Haiz..!! Anyways..thanks all my friend who consoled me last night. I will try to be tough..think positively.
I am here wishing all of you a wonderful new journey and all the best, hope we can keep in touch dear friends~
For me..really do not dare to think much, everyday work work work like a machine just to earn money for my course fees..!
God..i am actually tired you know? When can i stop and rest? Where is my luck?? I want to get back my good good luck..!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My Substantial Life~

Recently i have my life with substantially. As usual i am still working as a clerk, but i do got another two of part time jobs which one is piano teacher and one is driver at home. Haha..the driver i am being now is actually have payment also..!! I have to work everyday even though Saturday and Sunday. pity am i..?? But i am enjoying it because i need money, i am seriously needing money for study and travel..!! Omg...i have been long time din't go shopping already..i am going to be a crazy girl..or yet i have already a crazy girl..lolx! I hope to go shopping guys..friend please ask me out..*date me out*..~

Hehe...everything seem like going without hitch recently. I love my current my my dear friend and also my work! Feeling of tired but also satisfy actually..haa~very contradictory hor?? But anyway..just hope my current life can goes along with happiness.

Ya..i have already gone to UTAR and ask for the courses! I got the application form already and done my course study also, but still don't know what should i choose to study..haiz!! Sometimes reality and dream are hard for me to decide. If i choose the course which i am interesting to study, i will need to go to Perak. There is actually quite far for me, i hope to stay beside my family or maybe as i reason i can save all the indicative living cost there but if i choose to study near around here, the courses provided are business and media. God..what should i choose?? Anyone can give me your comment?
I keep asking myself a repeated question recently..Am i an independent girl? How long do i need to take to adapt to a situation without my dear and my family? I don't know, cant get an answer at all. But for this moment, i know i don't hope to leave with them.

I can still remember when i was young, i hoped i can grow up quickly then leave this home and looking my world outside the world, but now only i realize how important a family to me..i need them always..they lend me their shoulder everytimes when i need it..they will console me, indicate me a correct way. Truthly thanks to my family and also my dear~love you all and heart you..muacks^^

Sunday, April 25, 2010


I just attended a birthday party at Weng Harng's house. What so weird is this is actually not harng's birthday but is his brother's birthday, and i got invited too! Haha..dun care la, just treat it as a gathering la since i have been long time didn't meet with all my buddies already. But it was fun and thanks for harng's serve ya..^^

We chatted a lot there and so do the future plan. Haih..seem that everyone has cleared with their plan but how about me? I am not sure, i got a plan but don't know whether will it be the way i will follow at last. Damn it..i am fully regret actually because i didn't study well during the whole form 5 year, so form 6 for me is quite tough since my basic is so weak. But what to do?? I have no other choices, once time passed already, you will never get it back. So i promised and i swear, i must do my best start from now!

Once you got a bad result and you are poor, this will be a problem for you to further study. It is truth and i am facing this problem right now. I know i must continue with my study since my study mood still very strong with me. But i do sure that the percentage for me to enter local university without spending money is low. Second, let say if i choose to study private, i afraid that i need to retake a foundation course. I wish i wont go back to foundation life, i want to continue with my degree course!!

So..what i must do now is working hard and earn money to study. I am not sure when i will resign the job, maybe on June, September or December. I can't make any desicion now since i still have to wait for the goverment letter. But i will look for a day to go to the Utar and ask in details about the course, fee and also the enroll date. If they accept me to go straight for the degree course, i think i will enroll on January of 2011 and hopefully i can get it. This is the plan which i can study straight to degree course and earn money along this 7 months from now until end of the year. One more thing i am sure is i can't apply the loan for my degree course. So the money i earn now will be using on the first semester of course and i will work harder to get loan on the second semester and onward. ~JiaYi Gambateh~

Recently i am trying to improve my general knowledge. I want to step near to this world. Sometimes i really don't understand why am i improving from now?? It should be started early right? Haih..i have already wasted a lot of time, i hope i can chase back the time i have lost. If i got another chances again, i sure will do my best, won't let myself regret anymore. But for now, i know i cant, so i should be optimist! As i realized where did i do wrong, i must re-correct it!

God~i know i am wrong, i wish i could get another chances from you. I swear...i will do the best!!
Hope i can get what i desired~